Fire Island

Fire Island

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Sent a strongly worded letter to customer service RE: Obsessed Delivery Man. Hoping something good comes of it and I am able to maintain my anonymity if he gets reprimanded.



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and then he called and left a message

he was offering to deliver a cleaner for a scuff they made on the sofa on wednesday. NO MOTHERFUCKER. LEAVE ME ALONE. I am blocking his number now. way to make me feel unsafe in my own home, asshole.

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People are the worst: Part 192989842323

Today was my furniture delivery date. I have been anxious about it for weeks now. The delivery guys got here and I showed them all of the ways they could bring the furniture up (front stairs, back stairs, elevator). They came back and said that there was no way it was going to fit - any of the ways. It’s a fucking sofa and a chair. PEOPLE IN THIS BUILDING HAVE SOFAS!!

They said if they took the feet off the sofa maybeit would fit, so they “tried” and nothing. They came back and said they were leaving because they had spent too much time trying and they had other deliveries, BYE ME. I was freaking out and calling the furniture store as they left. A few minutes later they came back…with the couch now in my hallway. They said they brought it up the back stairs WHICH ARE A LITERAL MIRROR OF THE FRONT STAIRS. So, I don’t think they ever tried the stairs until that last time. Everything got in and I was sooo thankful. I gave them snacks, water and a nice tip because I thought they really put in an effort and eventually got everything in.

Not even ten minutes after they had left one of them calls me back and is like, “Hey, i thought you were really cool and i was wondering if i could take you out on a date sometime?”

I SHIT YOU NOT. I was completely frazzled and wanted to tell him off so bad. How unprofessional can you be, sir? The only reason you have my number is because I bought something for the company you work for. Suddenly all I could think was, “this guy knows where I live. This guy can find me. This guy knows my number.” It really freaked me out. So I politely told him I was in a relationship, but thanks anyway????

I just can’t. My whole body is in knots and I am so stressed about the entire ordeal that I am really not even enjoying the furniture at the moment. I hate men.

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why do Mexican moms like to make caldo when it’s a million degrees outside

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My family literally only eats cheese from the town they are from in Mexico. There is a freezer full of cheese in my parents’ house. I am going on a business trip in the next few days and my mom was like, “GREAT! You can take your cousin some cheese!” I was just like..umm no?? a) this involves going to my parents house, picking up cheese, bringing it back to my place, and packing it b) i dont want to pack it or have my stuff to smell like cheese c) i am only going to be in the city for a very limited amount of time and don’t want to coordinate a cheese drop-off d) i HATE checking bags and I am definitely NOT doing it for cheese.

Mom: Well, FINE! You can tell her that you aren’t doing her the favor of bringing her some cheese.

Me: She didn’t even ask me! You are the one that said it.

Mom: Well, I know she wants some and I am going to tell her to ask you just so you have to say no to her.

Clearly,I am the bad person for not wanting to travel with fucking cheese across the damn country.

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